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The about page.. a mixture of information on the page and myself!

Why does 14 Year Silence exist?

When I first started the journey of opening the wound that is sexual abuse I went straight to.. you guessed it.. google.. and found not so much. Yes there is quite a bit on sexual abuse for female survivors and not so much on male.. but wait! I tailor my writings for both genders and try my best to incorporate gender neutral discussion and content. So I thought, why don’t I create something? I can write about the journey I have gone on so far and that should be enough for those that are on the same road. It’s been great, the feedback and constant messages of inspiration and motivation I get keep me here and keep me writing, so thank you! Whether you are yet to break the silence on your abuse, about to confront your abuser, or have been on this journey for a long time and want to keep learning, 14 Year Silence is the place for you.

So, what is it exactly?

1. Built for survivors
A place for survivors of all genders and ethnicities to read and learn about other perspectives on sexual abuse and to better understand their own. Survivors have endless information on their own experiences and really open up a world of thoughts and questions for others.. it’s a never ending cycle of learning.

2. Supporting each other
A place for survivors to talk, seek help and provide help through their own experiences and journeys. Don’t be afraid to comment on the articles! or to reply to others comments! We are all here to help, learn and listen and to do that we all need to get involved!

3. Request a topic 
Can’t find what you are looking for? Let us know and we will try our best to get the best content that suits your needs. Over the last few weeks I keep seeing particular topics of conversations that really need a voice.. so I try my best and let those that are asking know that there is now content out there.

I don’t intend on being the only voice of advice or experience, but while there is little out there for what I call the ‘next generation of survivors’ I’ll be sure to try and do my best to help those suffering and willing.

So this is me! Harry! 26 years old as of 2019 and a lover of.. first and foremost pizza.. and Tasmania. I love mountain biking, reading books on the history of the world, fantasy novels and self-help books. I love coffee and you’ll probably find me at a cafe during the week day mornings if I am not any where else. I work in hospitality and am happy now but certainly looking to get involved more in industries where I am really helping people out as oppose to filling their stomachs with food. My social interests are in people who have been misplaced from their homes.. but why that is the case.. and having a strong understanding that the mental health of anyone can really decide on how their life pans out. I like to think I have an unquestionable respect for all people.

So why 14 Year Silence? Why me? As someone that was sexually abused when I was 11 years old and suppressed those memories until 25 I feel like it’s important to bring a voice to the circle. A voice of experience.. as much as I can have and a voice to help, for those willing to listen. I started this blog in late June of 2019.. and the response has been amazing. From females and males telling me my story is inspiring and it is helping them overcome their fear of confronting their abuser, telling their family or seeking help through a therapist.. these messages keep me writing and make me want to help more.

One day I’d love to be able to organise an event in my local city in Australia.. you wouldn’t even know how many survivors would show up because it’s such a volatile environment for so many people.. could be 20 people, 1 person, or a couple of hundred. I am just here to help like the next person and I am glad you’ve read this far.

Remember, comment below and introduce yourself! read an article here or enter your email and click the button below to sign up so you can keep up to date with articles! Thanks so much for all your support and I wish you all the best of luck on your journey. You are already kicking goals by being on a site like this.. so well done. You’ve got this!

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